Get a Fast and Reliable Wireless Network

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Do you need a wireless network set up in your business, home or home office? Do you have a wireless network already in place, but it works great in only part of your home? Do you need to add a device to your wireless network, or is something not working and you don’t know why?Tech Help Marin provides expert wireless networking help and support, even if you own non-Apple products. We can get your home office computers, printers and routers working together flawlessly. We can extend your network’s reach and speed so that you can use your iPad in every part of your house. We can make sure your network is safe and secure for every transaction!

We can advise you on and then get you set up with the best Apple wireless technology, including: Airport Express, Airport Extreme and Apple TV.

Following is just a partial list of our wireless networking help and support services:

  • Set up your wireless network exactly the way you need it
  • Ensure your wireless network is secure
  • Identify causes of slow network speed and lack of reach
  • Troubleshoot devices that aren’t working, including: computers, routers and printers
  • Set up Airport Express, Airport Extreme or Apple TV
When you need a fast, reliable wireless network, call Tech Help Marin for professional wireless networking help and support at your door!Phone: 415-891-8655

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