The Right Upgrades Will Keep Your Mac

Running Better and Faster

Is your older Mac showing signs of age? Would you like your Mac to start up more quickly and run faster? Do you have new software to install, and are you wondering if your Mac can handle the additional load? Do you already know that you want a system upgrade and just need a professional to do it?
Tech Help Marin provides expert advice on the right repairs and upgrades to make on your Mac, and then we will do them for you. We provide help and technical support for every type of Apple computer, including: MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. We can install additional RAM, put in a new hard drive or replace your hard drive with a solid-state drive.3 2 Mac Upgrades 02

Following is just a partial list of our Mac repair and Mac upgrade services:

  • Identify the right type of upgrade for your needs
  • Install additional RAM
  • Install a new hard drive and transfer the old software and data
  • Install a solid state drive and transfer the old software and data

When your Mac needs a boost, call Tech Help Marin for professional Mac repair and Mac upgrades at your door!

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