Get Your Mac Problems Solved!

Are you having problems with your Mac computer and don’t know what to do? Is your older Mac running slowly, or does it occasionally stop running altogether? Are you wondering if it is time to purchase a new computer or whether you can get a few more years out of the one you already have?
3 1 mac support 02Tech Help Marin is expert at troubleshooting Mac problems. We provide help and technical support for every type of Apple computer, including: MacBook, MacBook Pro and MacBook Air. We can determine if your hard drive is showing signs of failure, your system is unable to keep up with the latest software upgrades or if your software is simply out of date. Then, we will fix the problem!

If you decide to purchase a new Mac, we can provide expert advice and even accompany you to the Apple Store or help you shop online.

We provide advice on all types of Apple software. For instance, if you need to use a particular product with Windows and are wondering if you should run Windows within your Mac Operating System or virtually, we can help you consider the pros and cons and make the best decision.

Following is just a partial list of our Mac tech support and Apple troubleshooting Services:

  • Identify the source of slow system start-up and response time
  • Provide upgrades to your Mac to keep it running better and faster
  • Identify if your hard drive may be starting to fail
  • Develop a back-up and recovery plan for your software and data
  • Help you make product purchase decisions – which Mac is right for you?
  • Help you decide how to best run Windows on your Mac and install the software (Bootcamp, Parallel, Fusion)

If your Mac is starting to show signs of age, call Tech Help Marin for expert Apple troubleshooting and Mac technical support at your door!

Phone: 415-891-8655

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