Think You Might Have a Computer Virus?

Malware Removal at Your Door

Is your computer suddenly running slower than normal? Are you seeing obnoxious ads everywhere you look? You may have been the victim of a malware installation.

It used to be that Apple OS X users didn’t need to be concerned about computer malware or viruses. But, that’s no longer the case. As an Apple user, you are still unlikely to be attacked by a virus that completely breaks your computer. What you may face, instead, is spyware and adware that sneaks onto your computer, hijacks your browser, inserts ads, and tracks what you are looking at. Much of this is legal because you were tricked into clicking the wrong thing while installing a piece of software.

Malware Removal

Be careful what you download

I suggest to all of my clients to be careful what they download and what they click. The safest thing you can do is use the Mac App Store to install any new applications whenever possible. These applications have been verified by Apple and should be just fine to use, and they definitely won’t come with any bundled spyware or adware. Whenever you do need to install an application from somewhere other than the Mac App Store, make sure it’s really a trusted source.

If you think your computer may have been hit by malware, Tech Help Marin can help you with our effective Apple malware removal process.

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