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Has your hard drive suddenly died? Did you erase some files without meaning to, and now you need to get them back? Are you concerned about computer theft or fire and not sure how to keep your business or personal data safe from harm?

Data Recovery

If you have immediate data recovery needs, Tech Help Marin can help. We can also develop a plan to ensure your data is safe in the future.

Hard drives and computers eventually fail. Either situation can leave you unable to access important work files or treasured family photos. Tech Help Marin can often recover lost data quickly and economically. If your situation is more complex, for example, your hard drive needs to be physically taken apart, we can suggest a trusted partner to do this work.

Let us help you create a solid data back-up and recovery plan

Keeping your data safe from harm might seem complicated, but it doesn’t have to be. Depending on your situation and needs, Tech Help Marin will help you devise and implement an effective data backup and recovery plan.

We can help you with:

  • Apple’s Time Machine to back up your computer data
  • Cloud backup from a respected vendor
  • Onsite backup to a hard drive
  • Backup to a hard drive that is stored in another location

Whether you need data recovery right now, or a data backup plan for the future, call Tech Help Marin for expert support at your door!

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